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Spring Sponge Sandwich

I'm celebrating another sponge cake success. Hooray! This Spring Sponge Sandwich is simple, light, and sweet. Nana...

Blood Orange Marmalade

There's something very decadent about blood oranges, with their pretty crimson-infused flesh and the berry-like flavour which swirls through the citrus tang. They're certainly lovely to eat on their own, and are just as wonderful as an ingredient in...

Banana Cake with Lemon Frosting

I have a go-to banana cake recipe that I've been using for about 20 years. When I spotted this Banana Cake with Lemon Frosting recipe in Nana Ling's cookbook, I had a hunch that my go-to recipe was about to be replaced. My feeling came from the state of the Banana...

Cheese Biscuits (with savoury filling)

These Cheese Biscuits with savoury filling can be served as a little something to enjoy with a drink or as a welcome addition to any finger food platter. The recipe is from 1938 – a year before Nana Ling started writing hundreds of recipes onto the pages of the...

Monte Carlo Biscuits

We've already made Butternut Cookies and Iced VoVo Biscuits here in the Cooking with Nana Ling kitchen. This recipe is for  another biscuit made famous by Arnott's: the Monte Carlo Biscuit. The Monte Carlo was first manufactured by Arnott's back in 1926....

The story behind the blog

Nana Ling portrait

From 1939 to 1943 Nana Ling carefully recorded her recipes in a notebook.

She noted the date, the source, the ingredients and the method.

She recorded hundreds of wonderful recipes, from classic sweets that we still love today to forgotten gems.

That notebook eventually found its way to me, Libby, her great granddaughter

the baking team

In 2018, I started testing, tweaking and recording my great grandmother’s recipes here on this blog.

Making time for Cooking with Nana Ling every week – learning, remembering, and creating – has made me a happier home cook.

I’m also encouraging the next little generation of home cooks, my two daughters, to enjoy a little time in the kitchen.

I want to inspire you to become a happier home cook, too.

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Simple Strawberry Jam

I've been in search of a simple Strawberry Jam recipe for a while, after fluking a great batch and then following that up with a disaster (yes, you can burn jam and, yes, it is messy). This recipe is the product of my experimentation with Nana Ling's Mandarin Jam...

Chocolate Layer Cake

This Chocolate Layer Cake Recipe is nearly 80 years old, but it makes a perfectly modern semi-naked cake. The caramelised edge makes it much easier to scrape the cream from the sides and top to get that lovely "semi-naked" effect (more tips below on going...

Butter Ball Cookies

Butter Ball Cookies can be whipped up quite quickly using ingredients you'll likely have on hand: butter, sugar, an egg, coconut and SR flour.  My Butter Ball Cookies ended up with cracks on the top and flattened a little during cooking... so they're not...

Coffee Cake

    Looking for a coffee hit? This Coffee Cake recipe delivers a hit of coffee along with a little sugar rush! It's also a feast for the eyes, decorated with almonds, coconut, peel and rose petals. Nana Ling recorded this recipe back in November 1941. I tweaked the...

Iced VoVo

The Iced VoVo biscuit has been an "Australian icon since 1906" according to Arnott's, the company that's responsible for the mass production of this biscuit. It's certainly been a favourite in my family since I can remember. And Nana Ling marked this Iced VoVo recipe...

Apple Crumble

This recipe is an oldie (it's from 1940) but it's definitely a goodie. Nana Ling recorded this Apple Crumble Recipe at the height of its popularity. During the World War II era it was an economical alternative to a true pie with pastry.  Today, of course, we still...

Scotch Pancakes

We're big fans of pancakes in our house, however we hadn't come across a recipe for Scotch Pancakes before. Hubby thought there may have been a drop of Scotch whisky in them, but – no – they're completely kid-friendly. Also known as drop scones, these delicious treats...

Easy Lemon Curd

    This easy lemon curd recipe uses just one lemon and takes about 15 minutes to put together. For that 15 minutes of effort you get a medium jar of lemon curd which can last for a week or two when stored in the fridge (though I guarantee it won't last that long once...

Choc Orange Jelly Crystal Cookies

Jelly Crystal Cookies are jelly and cookies wrapped into the one sweet treat – you really can't go wrong here! These Choc Orange Jelly Crystal Cookies are based on Nana Ling's recipe from 1939. The only change I've made is adding the chocolate drizzle, which makes the...

Chocolate Raspberry Cake

    Is there anything better than chocolate cake? Yes, actually, there is.  It's this: Nana Ling's Chocolate Cake with Warm Chocolate Glaze. To make it look lovely, too, we've added some fresh raspberries and chopped pistachios. This Chocolate Raspberry Cake is the...

Eggless Fruit Cake

    Sink your teeth into a slice of this Eggless Fruit Cake and you won't miss the eggs for a second. It's a soft and spicy fruit cake, and doesn't require any fruit soaking beforehand. This Eggless Fruit Cake recipe from Nana Ling's recipe book is dated 28 March...

Canary Pudding

Canary Pudding is a traditional English steamed pudding. This canary-yellow coloured sweet treat is sure to brighten any dinner menu – it's both comforting and lively. Winter is definitely made more bearable by little comforts like open fires, hot chocolate, and......

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