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How to tell when jam is set

Trying to work out whether your jam is ready to come off the stove is the most frustrating dilemma. Here’s how you can make your jam with the confidence it’ll set just right.

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Gifts for home cooks

Whether you’re after a Christmas gift, birthday surprise or just want to treat the home cook in your life, here are 15 ideas to get you started. Are you ready? Set? Let’s shop!

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5 favourite Scottish treats

When it comes to Scottish treats we can create in our kitchens, there are so many wonderful things to choose from… shortbread, pancakes, scones, tablet and more. What are your favourites?

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How to make butter at home

There are plenty of reasons why you might like to make your own butter instead of just buying a block from the shelves at your supermarket. First reason: It tastes exceptional! Read how to here.

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How to peel tomatoes

Do you have a recipe that calls for peeled tomatoes?
Pack away that peeler, there’s a much easier and simpler way to create perfectly peeled tomatoes.

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