I’m celebrating another sponge cake success. Hooray!This Spring Sponge Sandwich is simple, light, and sweet. Nana Ling named this recipe the “3 Minute Sponge Sandwich” but I thought it deserved a more beautiful name. Also, I didn’t want to set expectations too high, since the “3 minutes” refers to the mixing time, not the total preparation time!With the addition of a lemon glaze, fluffy custard cream and edible flowers, this Sponge Sandwich is a lovely reminder of the warmth of golden Spring sunshine, the promise of Spring blossoms, and the comforts of home baking.

Sandwich cake tins

To make our Spring Sponge Sandwich, you’ll first need some sandwich cake tins.I’ve been the owner of these gorgeous old square sandwich cake tins for only a few months, but they’ve clearly seen many baking days before landing in my kitchen.
It’s only by absolute coincidence that I ended up with these matching tins.The tin on the left is from my neighbour here in Sydney who was an absolutely wonderful home cook and often spoiled Miss Z and Miss Y with wonderful home-baked treats. She sadly passed away at the age of 97 years earlier this year, and her family generously let me choose some things from her kitchen.The tin on the right was picked up by my Mum at an auction in the Hunter Valley recently. I often get a call from my Mum on Saturdays when she likes to flit about garage sales and auctions. When she started describing the tin to me it sounded like the one I’d inherited a few months earlier. “Yes, I’ll have it,” I told her (much to her surprise as I’ve been in de-clutter mode for quite some time).  I was delighted when the tins proved to be a perfect match. Thanks, Mum!After this sponge cake success, I’m now calling these my lucky sandwich tins.

Need a set of sandwich tins?

The sandwich cake tins I used are square-shaped and measure 20cm x 20cm x 3.5cm.I couldn’t find any similar tins available for sale, but I did find similar round sandwich cake tins which are available online and would work equally well.

MasterCraft Non-Stick Loose Base Sandwich Cake Pan 20cm

What’s the secret to sponge-making success?

To be honest, I’m a little baffled.I did cover sponge-making tips in an earlier sponge recipe, and I’ve made the method below as detailed as possible to help you re-create this sponge. Three key rules  that have helped me are:1. Don’t over beat: treat the batter like it’s delicate.2. Don’t open the oven door during cooking.3. Don’t give up. Try again if you fail.It’s all still very hit and miss for me when it comes to making sponges. But this recipe below was certainly a hit for me. Perhaps it was my lucky sandwich tins? Whatever it was, I’m wishing you the same luck (if you need it).

Nana Ling’s Sponge Sandwich recipe

Keep scrolling for the tested and tweaked version.


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