The Christmas table isn’t quite complete without a Christmas Trifle. These layered, individual mini trifles are inspired by Nana Ling’s flummery recipe.

They can be made up a day ahead and the best thing about a mini trifle is that you can have it all to yourself. No battling with the family member who takes too much of the jelly!

A trifle with some extra magic: flummery!

These individual trifles include all the essentials  jelly, custard, alcohol and sponge  but are made extra special with the addition of flummery.

What’s flummery? It’s a jelly whip dessert with a long history, and you can read more about it here.

For the sponge layer, I used Italian sponge fingers from the supermarket (the ones that are used to make Tiramisu) but you can substitute these for real Sponge Cake. I made custard from custard powder, but again you could substitute with store-bought custard or go all out with your own egg custard.

For the alcohol, I used a Hunter Valley Muscat, but you can experiment here too and use the traditional port, sherry or another favourite liqueur.

Layers of loveliness

The fun (and visually appealing) part of this recipe is the colourful layers.

Ready to watch how it comes together?

Scroll through the trifle making process below:


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